FLAC vs AIFF performance from VOX Cloud


I ran a related test yesterday to see how VOX Cloud streaming performed in Uncompressed vs Lossless. The results are interesting…

I started with a 07:30 (7min, 30sec) track from Bandcamp which had the following specs:

AIFF / 44.1 kHz / 24-bit / 2117 kbps

Using XLD for Mac, I proceeded to convert the original AIFF into 10 FLAC copies - one for each of the FLAC compression levels (0 thru 8) and an additional FLAC with all compression OFF. I mad sure to verify my encodings and make sure I could reproduce the original AIFF file (all good so far!)

I loaded the 10 FLAC files + original AIFF to my VOX Cloud and then had some time to test their streaming abilities when I took a drive yesterday afternoon.

I am not concerned about the quality. All of the files sounded good and of the same audio quality. However, I was surprised how much my iPhone XR was struggling to playback every single on of the FLAC files (even with a solid Verizon 4G LTE connection).

The 24-bit AIFF file played back seamlessly, and even let me skip around the song without any issues. All 10 of the FLAC copies would start stuttering every 2-3 seconds as soon as the dynamics in the song picked up. I thought that maybe once I let a song load it would remain buffered in memory, but unfortunately, the moment I FF or RR it would have to buffer all over again.

This event also occurred for the Uncompressed-FLAC copy I made for sake of comparison. This FLAC file had the identical specs of the original AIFF, only different containers. So this makes me believe its a Lossless decoding issue on your end.

It seems like Uncompressed audio streams much better for the VOX Cloud servers, which is ironic because I have spent so much time re-encoding AIFF/WAV to FLAC just for use in VOX. There is no point of lossless compression if it is going to struggle with playback — the smaller file sizes is not enough of a selling point for me.

Any ideas?

Noticeably faster and more reliable streaming for AIFF files


• Files uploaded to VOX Cloud w/ latest build of VOX Universal on macOS Catalina (10.15.7)

• Playback test using latest version of VOX for iOS on my iPhone XR (iOS 14.4.2)


Thanks for making a post here and for all the information provided.

We would love to get some additional details and the original files for testing purposes.

Please reach our tech. support desk https://vox.rocks/support so we could continue investigating!