Files show in mac app but not iphone app


So now I can upload my music (after some major hiccups) and it shows up in the vox mac player/library but some files are not showing up on my iphone. What’s up with that? I have already emailed all the file names to your tech support



Thanks for reaching out!

Please keep to support thread started with tech support to have it resolved ASAP.



Actually I have been trying with little success. I have done everything you have asked. I wish it could be resolved ASAP.


I am also having this issue. I have noticed that some albums about 20-30 are in the cloud on the desktop but they no longer show up in my app on the iPhone which is pretty important. Any thoughts Vox Support?


Hi Guys!

We are currently on it! Hopefully will be solved in a days. All music will be restored automatically, or you will need to do a re-login attempt on your iOS devices.

Stay tuned.


I had this issue, too. I resolved it on my iPhone by logging out and back in (on the iPhone.)
Interestingly, uninstalling and reinstalling the app did NOT fix it. (i.e. It still happened AFTER the reinstall. But after the reinstall I logged out and back in and was able to see all the albums in my Vox library.)

Possible debugging hint… during the log out / log in process it told me my trial had expired (even though it had not.)