Files not uploading


I’ve posted about this previously so sorry for the double posting but I’m just getting nowhere with this.

Today I’ve been unable to upload files without constantly re-trying. They upload and then disappear.

I’m on latest VOX player for Mac on macOS Big Sur 11.6 (latest)

The lack of support / customer service has been really disappointing here as I’ve had no response on my other post since providing system info. Tech support asked for some files to test but this is not a file issue as is happening for FLAC, WAV and AIFF.

VOX player when it works is simply amazing but when something goes wrong it’s so frustrating!

Please can somebody assist me as we are paying for a service that is not being provided. Is anyone else having these issues?


I am also experiencing the exact same issue: my music files are disappearing after being uploaded to the VOX cloud. Please advise as to how to proceed. Thank you.


Thanks for reporting!

We would need to collect some additional information about each case to get to the roots of this happening.

Thе files which have failed to upload might be OK for playback within the music app, but not OK to complete some of the uploading processes, such as a hash check procedure (is initiated during the upload), etc.

According to the information we’ve already collected from our users, each case may vary, and the reasons might be different. Please reach our tech. support desk to get some individual assistance.