Editing Metadata 2


I was thinking about giving Vox/Loop another chance, but from what I understand there’s still no metadata editor integrated into any Vox service.
Is that the case? Thanks in advance.


Thanks for your post

Yes, we are working on this feature.

We are planning to introduce meta-editing option in a new cross-platfrom version of the VOX app.


OK then, I’m getting the premium again but I’m counting on you!


Just FWIW …

When I signed up for VOX, I thought the lack of tag editing was a huge problem. Several months later, it doesn’t bother me.

Apple’s Music.app screws up my metadata on a regular basis. It’s truly terrible, in part because it’s massive program and I have a large library. I recently got a tag editor (Meta for macOS) which I can use to manage the metadata for my collection, eliminating the need to go through my main music player (Apple’s Music.app, VOX, etc.). Once I started using that, VOX made more sense. “Oh, it’s just a file player…”

It’s weird at first, and it can suck if you’re on a slow connection or have data caps, but I’m starting to see some benefit to this approach. Let VOX focus on playback, I’ll handle my tags elsewhere.

YMMV, just wanted to chime in.