Download issue on iPhone


Tracks appear to download and “your downloads are finished” appears…then when I check the local files are nowhere to be found.

This issue appears only to be occurring on my iPhone app.

Please fix!! This is a major issue for me.


I have that exact situation occurring as well so not an isolated issue, but indeed majorly frustrating - have been communicating with tech support but no solutions yet.


Yep hopefully they can fix this quickly - it’s pretty major!



We expect this problem to be fixed already.

Looking for your confirmation.


Just tried to download a track again and it’s still not working.



Can you indicate the track you have mentioned? We will do some additional tests with it.


I’ve tried a few different tracks to download - 1 was house on earth by Lucinda Williams, another was from the album by alders harding - I don’t think its a particular track somehow - it sows it downloading but it never saves it



VOX app has got updated, check it out in AppStore.

Please advise if the problems are still there?