Did I make a mistake with VOX Premium?


Please excuse the ramble, it is what i do :slight_smile:

Like many I have long had a love/hate relationship with iTunes/Music that has recently been trending towards the hate side and so I am looking for alternatives.

This was somewhat prompted by my recent purchase of a Brennan B2 “Jukebox.” With that I have re-ripped all my CDs into FLAC. The Brennan plays nicely with Sonos so I am well covered at home, but with restrictions looking like they may be easing, I need a solution for when I travel that handles off line playing (i.e. on a plane, in a country where I have limited data and can’t stream) VOX looked like it might handle that so I signed up for Premium for a year.

The problem comes that I have sliced and diced my music into a variety of playlists for the mood/situation I’m in. They are simple m3u with a Artist/Album/Track structure. But from all I’ve read here there appears to be no way for me to upload them to Vox. Is that true? Everything seems to suggest I have recreate them on the Vox side. This I won’t do, or in many cases can’t do: Being a (retired) software guy I have a database of all my music and mainly generate playlist from the database. Without these playlists Vox player is basically useless for me. Since I’ve paid in advance, I’ll use the Vox Cloud as an additional backup site.

Am I wrong? Is there a way to upload/import my playlists? I can generate them in different format (JSON, XML, CSV, etc) if that makes it easier.

Thanks in advance…


VOX supports a number of metafiles to recognize playlists, such as: m3u, pls, xspf, etc.

If you have some Playlists organized via the m3u file, just locate the file and drag&drop it to the VOX app - that should add all the tracks listed in the metafile to the app.

After that, you will be able to save those playlists in the VOX app and even upload them to VOX Cloud, by making the “Sync” checkbox, to make them stored on our servers and become available online to any Apple device you’ve authorized with the VOX app.

For instance, we used .xspf, but the procedure is completely the same:


Thanks, that helped.


Off-topic, but can you expand on this? I’m trying to find a way to “tag” albums with things like RE, RM, sub-genres, country of origin, etc. Been using macOS Finder tags but they seem really fragile and easy bust. Curious what you’re doing. Thx


I’m not sure what I did is going to be to helpful for other people :slight_smile:

I am a programmer, so I built a database of all the tracks, albums and artists. I used ffmpeg to get the genre from the metadata and also the track length. I build the playlists by running various selections against the database.

It is very much a duct tape and baling wire kludge, but it works for me :smile:


That is strange.Isnt one of options you can choose from in the Vox IOS app, one that asks you if you want playlists uploaded as well as songs/ albums? Or maybe its on the blue “global” beta app. At any rate, one of the two seems to have that option and i hope you can find it so it solves your problem.


Good luck with that… lol

I love Vox Cloud and how efficient it is for streaming… BUT… the price we pay for it is basically having little to know metadata support. It sucks…

I’ve recently been using Audirvana on Mac - its not perfect but its definitely several steps up when it comes to organzation.

However, VOX is still the only service (I know of) that offers unlimited Cloud space for such a reasonable price.