Composer name metadata for classical music


I would like to know if VOX will ever support display of composer names for classical music provided the Composer metadata is in the files uploaded.

Thank you


Thanks for your post!

Currently, VOX uses Artist and Album metadata for sorting purposes.

If we consider displaying the Composer metadata, there would be no actual place in VOX to display Composer tag, since we already have an Artist tag in use…

VOX Team will appreciate any ideas on that matter. Don`t hesitate to share them here or to support team -

We could also prioritize the Composer tag, and display it instead of the Artist tag, would it be a solution for you?

This functionality you are asking for - is certainly worth implementing, however, and we will probably introduce both of them in the fullscreen version of the VOX app.


This issue is important to me, too. There is no easy solution, obviously. I don’t even actually display composer data in iTunes, even though (I think) I could. I guess my usual workaround is to use the Album title, which usually names the major composers.

On further thought, searching for composer name might be pretty satisfactory (assuming the composer metadata are indexed, just not shown). I just tried that in the latest iTunes, and the result is better than I expected. I may start using that more.


TBH, for classical music you need to see both composer and artist and be able to search for both. It’s a shortcoming that nearly all music apps have. Foobar2000 allows you to but that’s the only one I know of.

It would be nice if a solution was designed and prioritised - there are an awful lot of classical music listeners out there and a good solution would clean up.

Everything else about Box is great. This is just a glaringly big hole for me preventing me from signing up to Pro.


I spent my life distributing classical music and am working on uploading some of it to VOX to have it available on demand. There are many tags that could be useful, even if not displayed in the listings, they could be used to filter and search the database.
[1] Genre (I have a wide variety of tastes, but sometime just want Jazz, or popular, World or Classical. This should be a selection that would put a collection into buckets.
[2] As mentioned above in this thread Composer should at least be in the same detailed info, and as a filter it would help immensely.