Collections VS Playlists - Album and Artist view in Collections


I would like to revisit the difference between Collections and Playlists.

I understand that that playlists are for playing, while Collections are for managing your e.g. Loop Library, by subdividu=ing it into different collections. Is this true?

I would very much appreciate if there would be an Album View, Artist - Album View of collections as this would managing much easier.

Also, I don't seem to be able to see my collection created at my Mac on an iOS device and under Collections on iOS, I can enable VOX Playlists - which are not collections - am I missing something here?



Thank You for comments.

First, Vox was a single-playlist player. It tried hard to stay away from being a "Library". Users appreciated this, but some of them were, like, "why only one playlist? I want many playlists, like in xxxx-player on windows!". So the Playlist was replaced by Collections.

But then other users stepped in, "why so many Collections when we loved Vox for simplicity, bring back one-playlist mode!". So we added back the "Playlist", which is , in turn, a Default Collection.

So, to answer Your first question, Collections are playlists.

Because Collections are not part of library, they are not sorted per artist or album - they are controlled by user only - what You put there, stays there, be it artist or album or arbitrary list of tracks. It's ok for users who like to manage everything on a file-folder level - they want to drop files from Finder onto Vox and manage their playlists manually.

But then others, who accustomed to iTunes, said, "why there's no Music Library in VOX? How do I add music to collections? Why isn't all my music automatically displayed?", and the idea of Loop was born. Loop is a cloud - based downloadable music library. Currently it uploads Your music and represents it in sortable form, so in Loop, You can see music sorted per artist or album.

Regarding sharing Collections between OSX and iOS app - that's not the case currently, but I think in future it will be possible to share them through Loop.


Thanks for the clarification - things are much clearer now.

What I am now really missing is a more structured view of the LOOP library, i.e. folded Albums when Library view is Artist - Album view (Mac and iOS), an Genre View, and possibly user configurable.




Thank You for supporting idea regarding folded artist view. Hopefully it will find it's way to life in Vox soon.


soundguy, thanks for comments.

It's too difficult to manage collections on each device (i have 3 macs and 2 iOS devices), if you have a lot of music. Please, make ability to share collections between devices.

Also i hope you can add some user defined metadata, like iTunes rating, for example.



Yep, syncing collections across devices would be a lovely thing to have.


I, too, have a music Library that is quite large after collecting music for more than 50 years. It would help enormously to have my collections sync. Like an idiot I assumed they would through Loop, paid for a lifetime membership and nope I have to recreate them all on every device.

It is very hard to rebuild them on the phone. Some I have been putting together for years. Like music for my wife, so she knows how I feel about her. Been collecting songs for 24 years now. To find each individual song (65 right now) in a library of thousands, adding them one at a time, is a non starter. It's even worse trying to recreate my work playlists. I'd like to get rid of iTunes, seems I'm still stuck with it to manage my Library.


We've lately implemented favorite stations sync, in VOX radio. Collections also will be synced across devices soon. It's on our ToDo list.
Stay tuned!