Cloud Library will not load iOS


I’m a brand new customer and my first experience is not a good one. My iOS app is authorized and I’ve uploaded 2 albums so far from my Mac into the Cloud Library. They are .aiff files and play perfectly fine in Vox on my Mac.

Going to the Vox app for iPhone 12, I am signed into the same account and the library stays empty. I then try to search for the album and they show up in the search results but with no album artwork. I can play them from there but the spectral audio wave visual is all screwed up looking. Then if I go back to the Library view, the album that I searched for shows up but with no artwork. Then a minute or so later it completely disappears from view and my library view is now empty again.

I’ve tried signing out then back in, deleting the app and reinstalling, nothing works. I want my money back. This doesn’t work!


This company IT’S A JOKE. I’m sorry. If you check the last messages they are suffering one of theirs server down problems, AGAIN. Yes, ask for a refund now. Good idea!


We bring our apologies for the temporary inconvenience.

That is a server related issue, which is being fixed right now, the iOS app itself - is not the root of the issue.

Thanks for your patience!


Again, I can’t access my music. Thanks. Already looking at another option and I’ve only been a customer for a month.