Chrome Browser Upload Continues to Stall Out Randomly


Hey guys,

New to Vox, as Amazon Cloud is shutting down their service.

I have Windows 10, but am using the Chrome Browser to upload my 110,000 tracks. It’s going to take a long, long time. Anyone heard of a update when the Windows version of the software is going to be available? I primarily have the service so I can use the Vox app on my iPhone, which has worked well with my uploads so far.

Main question: I may put, for example, 200 songs in the uploader (via the Chrome browser), but almost every time, it will stall at some point. Sometimes it’s only a few songs in. Sometimes it’s near the end. I have found that most of the time, it’s in the transition from one album to the next - the uploader will freeze and stop uploading when the first song on a new album is almost finished. Again, it doesn’t happen every time, but…there’s a lot of randomness.

I also have a few albums that I have encountered so far that simply will not upload. From all I can tell, they are the same as the rest of my library - CDs ripped to iTunes. That’s it. The first track will try to upload, and almost get to the end, and then stall out, after multiple attempts.

Any ideas would be appreciated! I wish I could just drop 500 songs in and know that a few hours later, they would all be uploaded, without coming back to find out that 30 tracks in…it stalled. Frustrating.

Thanks for any help!


The browser uploading is terrible. I had similar problems with it and more.

They have been saying there is a PC client on the way, but no news about it lately. They had said they were going to release it as a beta in October, but that hasn’t happened, obviously, so who knows…



Thanks for reaching out!

Yes, unfortunately, you are right.

Uploading huge libraries to VOX Cloud using the web-tools only is a real call at the moment. However, we are already working to improve the situation by releasing a Windows-compatible app, with a playback, uploader and Cloud library management features.

Alpha version is already alive, but we are still a few steps before releasing the Beta version. Hopefully, it will happen very soon.

Stay tuned.


Hi Vox,

I appreciate you getting back to me. The web uploader has stalled out a ton more in the past few days. It’ll go a few songs, and then stop, with no reason.

Also, with the web browser, if you drag and drop you files, there is no way to add up the upload list unless you use the “choose files to upload” button. You’re unable to drag and drop more files - the browser simply doesn’t recognize them. Does that make sense? Certainly a change that could be made that would make adding songs easier.

Is there any sort of manual upload option at your offices? I would be completely happy to send you all an external hard drive with all of my music organized and ready to go, if it could be inserted to my account. Is there any way to do this? You could even keep the drive. Let me know if there is any option here.


I love this thread, I have exactly the same problem as a PC user using Chrome and the lack of updates on the Windows app has made me consider if this is the service I will use long term. Pleased to hear that hope is on the horizon.

@b_rarig Do you need to upload your whole library right now in one go? I know this sounds ridiculous but I have my legacy Amazon cloud library on shuffle and that helps me dig out a random album I want to upload to Vox Cloud. I upload 1 - 3 albums per day only because I unfortunately have to “babysit” the uploads for the reason that you mentioned.

If the Chrome uploads stalls out and the line goes red, and you try to re-upload the whole album, I don’t think the system knows if you are uploading a fresh track or a duplicate. I have many duplicates in my cloud and want the PC app to pare this down.