Ca´t upload anything for some days now


Vox doesn’t upload anything, by dragging or selecting the folder directly. Had signed out and it’s still the same.


Same here - fortunately most of the other issues I was having the last few days have gone away, but def cannot upload either in the app or the web page.


We had to run a diagnostics once more, probably it might be the reason for the low productivity of the servers. This should end up soon when the diagnostics will be finally over.

From the other hand, diagnostics should not be the reason for any “blockers” to appear, and you should be able to use the service as always.
All core functions should be working properly, as they are working on our test conditions right now.

If some of part of the service is not working on your device at the moment, please reach our tech. support desk directly -, describe the issue and get individual assistance.


I’m having this same issue going on 48 hours now. I have reached out to support several times. Since my initial contact, I have provided screenshots, details, anything I could think of that might help. I have not received a single reply or acknowledgement as to how to proceed. Somebody needs to take charge, keep us informed and start fixing the problem for real.


Should is not enough, I’m sorry. As some other users have pointed out, tech support assistance is very discouraging, so your answer is twice unsatisfactory


same here! very frustrating for a paid service!