Big Sur latest beta downloading of songs problem


Hi guys, I write here for more insight. I always latest beta and well, since updating the Vox app cant download any song, well with exceptions. It just doest download uploaded files. plays them just fine tho ^^ lul. any ideas? it does have granted disc access lol


Thanks for your reporting!

I will make sure this info will reach our QA team. It will be debagged and fixed in the future versions of the VOX app.

Have you noticed any correlation between which files are downloading and which are not?
Are there some specific file formats that don’t download?
Have you already tried to re-login to your VOX Account and\or re-boot the Loop app and repeat a download attempt?


actually I thought it s only my FLACs but I tried to downoad mp3s and seems cant either XDDDD so it s more like nothing atm. works and uploads just fine though. also, a long term bug from before the beta, but if I upload a lot via the main app not the uploader ( shit annoying XD ) the thing (upload, not the player or connection! other functions still work just fine) kinda freezes and I need to pause / unpause and it visibly resumes XDDDD meaning the circle stops going around and it resumes after I unpauuse … happens when it runs for a longer while. and I assume shiet uploads in the background just the indicator freezes but I am never sure. Seems the speed for the upload drops or even stops at times when it happpens.