Albums in the Loop Always Loading


The last couple of days, I have been experiencing constant loading when I try to play songs I have uploaded to the loop. Songs will play for 2 seconds then load for 2 secs then start to stop again 2 seconds later. The loading issue has become highly irritating, especially since I have loaded all of my alums to the loop and it has become the main way I listen to music. I cannot listen to my albums as it stands today. What is the issue? And, how can I fix it? I have cleared the cache multiple times. I have deleted and re-downloaded the iOS app. Nothing has worked. I need help.



We would need to collect some additional data:

What device do you use to run VOX? What OS version?
What are music formats?
Do you have those tracks stored in Library or Collections?
What internet connection type are you on? LTE or Wifi?

  1. I’m using VOX on MAC and iPhone. iOS 13.2 on the iPhone. I haven’t updated my Mac to the latest software configuration.

  2. I’m using FLAC files

  3. My tracks are stored in the library

  4. I’m on WiFi