Again Compilation and Various Artists



I know, there are several entries about the same old question about issues with various artists for compilations, but I still did not get the thing working. Under MacOS the album artists is not grouped at various artists but listed separately. A single entry for each track artists so that the compilation is listed multiple times . I’ve read your posts about how to proper tag files and I used kid3 as well and everywhere I find the information that the the selected tracks are part of a compilation (checkbox in Music app and kid3). I also reinstalled VOX after uninstall VOX using AppCleaner as described in a former post to get the thing working.
Everything works with the same tracks using iOS. If I grant VOX access to the music library on my mobile devices compilations are listed correctly using the various artist.

Is there any setting that I might have missed? Can you please help me to set everything up so that compilations are listed with the various artist name?

I’m running on MacOS Catalina 10.15.3 and using VOX version 3.3.17.

Feel free to ask for further information.

Thank you in advance.


Thanks for your post!

Are those tracks are uploaded to VOX Cloud, or synced from the (former iTunes)?

Please see a related topic on our forum: How to tag files properly

Video Guide:

In this particular case, I would suggest adding a Compilation tag = “1” to all tracks, and will VOX store all the tracks from the same Album, but by various Artists - in a single album, under the “Various Artist”.

Let us know about your results!