Adding artwork?


I downloaded an album of FLACs and when I made a collection, no artwork. So I went and made a 600x600 px screenshot from their artwork (the artist's shop included a printable CD cover), then used kid3 to adjust the metatags so that the the screenshot should work as artwork (saved it? yes) [I did NOT type in the Artist or Album fields as those were already entered]. But I still get no artwork when I drag the folder into Collections. Can you help me out? What might be going wrong?


I saved my artwork as PNG.


I'm interested in this as well. I uploaded some tunes w/o artwork. Then I found the album art (also a PNG) and added it to a local MP3 copy then uploaded again. No change in artwork in VOX ... still showing the default 'no art' graphic. :-(


Hello Guys!

Unfortunately, we have to disable artworks in Collection tab (MacOS), due to technical difficulties.

As soon as we will overcome difficulties and they will be solved, we will enable them again.

So please be patient.

We apologize for inconveniences caused.


Any update on this? It’s been nearly one year, and it’s complicated to find collections that start with the same information…


It has been a whole year actually… there’s an awful lot of posts on this forum from Vox support promising updates, fixes, betas, etc… coming soon, but no actual progress showing…

In the meantime, they are sending me emails asking for crowdfunding money for new stuff… I would really like to see something tangible.


Dragging file from Finder instead of from iTunes solved this for me.


Hi James,
dragging files from finder to where?